• Thai Military Regime Spies on Internet Users
    Thai Military Regime Spies on Internet Users

    Since announcing martial law on May 20th the Thai military government has been stifling the press, shutting down radio stations and following internet users. Facebook was temporarily blocked and on September 19th Wikipedia was blocked. Internet activists are working overtime to inform users of their rights and pressure the government to stop this. Arthit Suriyawongkul takes the podium at a confere... Read More

  • Sympathy for South Korea’s Ferry Victims Turns to Political Fight
    Sympathy for South Korea’s Ferry Victims Turns to Political Fight

    When the Sewol ferry capsized in April, Lee Jeong-chulrsquo;s teenage son was among the roughly 300 passengers, mostly high school students, who didnrsquo;t make it back to shore. ldquo;My son really liked sports and was a great swimmer, he had spent a lot of time at sea. Everyone thought that if anyone would have been able to get off the ship, it would have been him.rdquo; For the past two mo... Read More

  • Burma’s Landmine Victims Turn Their Hands to Making Legs
    Burma’s Landmine Victims Turn Their Hands to Making Legs

    Decades of armed conflict in Myanmar make it one of the worst hit countries for landmines. People living close to the border with Thailand are the most severely affected. Six years ago, the Karenni National Peoplersquo;s Liberation Front established a prosthetics factory in the Karenni state, to help people who have been disabled by landmines. Kyaw Win used to be a soldier with the Karenni Army w... Read More

  • The Moustache Fights Back
    The Moustache Fights Back

    Having a full-bodied moustache has long been a symbol of masculinity for Indian men. It was also once an indicator of caste status. Untouchables, were not allowed to have a moustache at all, while other lower castes had to grow theirs with the ends drooped down. And even now in modern India each year there are competitions to find out who has the best Moustache. For the last hour, 61 year old Ram ... Read More


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Thai military regime spies on internet users. And Sympathy for South Korea’s ferry victims turns into a political fight. Also we join Indian men fighting to have the best moustache.