• Cambodia Land Activist Tep Vanny Jailed Again
    Cambodia Land Activist Tep Vanny Jailed Again

    Just two years after she was released from jail--- Tep Vanny is again in police custody. Her crime this time is creating public disorder. Long Di Monch is the Phnom Pehn capital spokesman. ldquo;They have violated Cambodian traffic laws. They blocked a public road and there was violence against public servants.rdquo; Tep Vanny along with 100 others dragged a bed into the middle of a busy road in... Read More

  • The Kiss of Love Campaign
    The Kiss of Love Campaign

    Outside a metro rail station in Delhi hundreds of young men and women sit in a circle. One by one, couples stand up, hug and and then start kissing, while the others cheer. They then march to the office of the Hindu nationalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS. This group often harasses young couples in places like parks, restaurants and beaches. At times they use violence to stop what the... Read More

  • Philippines Mourns the Loss of Legendary Health Minister
    Philippines Mourns the Loss of Legendary Health Minister

    The Philippines this week held services to pay tribute to Senator Juan Flaviermdash;who died at the age of 79 years old. He is renowned in the Philippines for bringing in landmark laws that helped the governmentrsquo;s health and anti-corruption programs. Romeo Infantado worked with Senator Juan Flavier when he was head of a hospital in Mindoro. Romeo says -- Juan Flavier was a hands-on leader. ... Read More

  • Indonesian Grunge Band Advocates for Environment
    Indonesian Grunge Band Advocates for Environment

    Navicula is an indie grunge rock band from Bali that have just returned home after touring the US and Australia. They are one of the few Indonesian bands that are making it internationally. But theyrsquo;re more than an ordinary rock band. They are also known as the lsquo;green grunge gentlemenrsquo;. To know who Navicula are you need to understand the name. Drummer Gembul says it is inspired b... Read More


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We join a kissing protest in India. Also the Philippines mourn the lost of a legendary health minister. Also we speak with the ‘green grunge gentlemen’ of Indonesian rock.